.ps.gz problem in Netscape

Jose Pina Miranda (pinj@di.uminho.pt)
Sun, 27 Nov 1994 05:35:16 +0100


I don't know if I should use this list to talk about this, but the guys from
Netscape are not answering me and I think that someone must have this problem
(hopefully solved). So, here it goes.

I use mostly the Internet for research purposes and I come across many sites
with papers in the .ps.gz or .dvi.gz format.

Mosaic's behavior for those formats is to gunzip the document and then
showing it.
Netscape has a "strange" behavior.
If you don't have a .mailcap file he asks you where you want to save the
document --> I don't like it, but it's only the default behavior.
If you do have a .mailcap file whith:
application/x-compress: /usr/local/bin/gunzip %s
application/x-dvi: /usr/local/bin/xdvi %s
Netscape tries to apply "/usr/local/bin/xdvi %s" to the xxx.dvi.gz file, instead
of applying gunzip and then xdvi.

Has anyone solved this problem ?

Thanks in advance for all time and trouble. Best regards,

Jose Miranda

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