Re: Revised agenda for IETF BOF on 7th December 1994

Dave Raggett (
Tue, 29 Nov 1994 12:20:50 +0100


> Is anyone speaking up for the addition of (and definition of) the
> "multipart/form-data" MIME type to the list of content-types
> registered for use with HTTP? I don't see any mention of this in the
> available documents, but it's part of Larry Masinter and Ernesto
> Nebel's important proposal for file upload in FORMs.

This could be covered in the discussion period following the review
of the Internet draft for HTTP 1.0. My plan is for us to identify goals
for one or more subgroups to look at missing features in HTTP 1.0.

The subgroups would recommend suitable extensions to HTTP 1.0, or work
with the subgroup drafting the HTTP-NG spec to make sure that the identified
needs are being covered.

I will send out a revised agenda that makes this clear.

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