Re: HTTP built on a database engine

Fisher Mark (
Tue, 29 Nov 1994 13:03:09 +0100

>At 5:13 AM 11/25/94, Larry Masinter wrote:
>>These are all properties of general document management systems, some
>>of which are built on database engines. However, rather than try to
>>retrofit web servers into document management systems, building
>>HTTP/web interfaces to any of the commercial document management
>>systems (PC Docs, Soft Solutions, Documentum, Visual Recall, Saros
>>Mezzanine, etc.) might be a simpler way to proceed.

The last I knew, most commercial document management systems were licensed
on a "per-potential user" basis -- you buy as many licenses as there are
people at your site that might sometime use their software. Could anyone
from one of these companies comment on whether use of a gateway would
constitute one user (i.e. the HTTP server) or multiple users (each person
that accesses a Web document controlled by the document management
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