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Fri, 2 Dec 1994 19:38:52 +0100

Kevin Hughes wrote:>
> Joel Crisp ( writes:
>> attribution deleted wrote:
> > > * Make it easy for users to view comments.
> > Most serious MS-Windows and UNIX photoshop type programs do this.
> My point is that it should be easy for Web users to easily glean
> copyright information in browsers. It points out the bad eggs quickly.

I agree. While this certainly can be done by saving the image to a file
and running external programs over it, some way to readily and simply
check any comments on inline images, using the browser, is clearly desirable.

I suggested something along these lines a couple of weeks ago, in relation
to the already existing author etc tags for TIFF

Having a link from the copyright symbol in an HTML 3 caption, or just in
a paragraph after the image for HTML 2 documents, seems a reasonable
and unobtrusive way to do this while avoiding special mouse/key jiggery
pokery to get at the information. Its a link, select it like any other
link. Just because the browser may be extracting the information on the
fly and creating an internal HTML document to display it should not mean
that the user has to select the link in a different manner.

> > Ummm. I'd generalise it to image information, and use field tagging in
> > a data block to allow other field entries to be displayed. This would be
> > ...
> In design, my motto is: keep it simple.

For the users or the implementors ;-)

> > As Chris Lilley pointed out to me, this may not be the most appropriate
> > list for this type of conversation.

Remind me, Joel. I don't recall saying that exactly.

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