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Fri, 2 Dec 1994 21:19:15 +0100

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The CERN Line Mode Browser is a character based World-Wide Web Browser.
It is developed for use on dumb terminals and as a test tool for the
CERN Common Code Library. It can be run in interactive mode, non-
interactive mode and as a proxy client. Furthermore it gives a variety
of possibilities for data format conversion, filtering etc. It is
primarily intended as a test-tool for quick access to the Web or
used in batch jobs.

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This is the announcement of the first public release of the
multithreaded CERN Line Mode Browser. It is a pre-release as much has
changed in the Library and the browser. The plan is to keep up with
modifications and steadily release improved versions of the Library
continuously until a desired level of stability and functionality is

This release is also the first public release of source code which is
covered by the new CERN copyright statement. The statement is
published in the file COPYRIGH - truncated to 8 bytes :-( and is a
part of the distribution file. It can also be read in hypertext format

We encourage everybody to study this statement - questions are welcome!

CERN Line Mode Browser 3.0pre2 is available as source code:

Its is known to compile on Sun4, Solaris 2, HP Snake, NeXT, NeXT-386,
Decstation Ultrix, DEC OSF/1, SGI and AIX, but look also at the page
of supported platforms at:

Documentation is available at

The addresses to send email about CERN Line Mode Browser are: or

PS: I will be away the next week as I am attending the IETF meeting in
San Jose and will probably not be able to answer any mail.

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CERN Line Mode Browser Release Notes

Pre-release 3.opre1

Most of the code is reorganized in order to adapt the application to
the multithreaded version of the Library. This means that the browser
now has the following new features:

* Interruptible I/O - hit 'z RETURN' and the current load terminates

* You can at any time initiate a new load or any other command by
simply start typing.

Pre-release 3.opre2

* The browser is now much more stable and has the same amount of
functionality as the previous version 2.15

A real killer app - try it - it is really fun!

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