Re: Filters for WWW

Sat, 3 Dec 1994 00:54:01 +0100

Again, I must basically agree with Mr. Farrar. My own suggestion for a
'filter' was perhaps misworded. Rather than filtering *out* everything
supposedly 'bad', I wondered if it were possible for, a school, for
instance, to only allow pointing *to* sites which are 'OK' - which
would mean (in practice) not only sites which have no sexual content,
but simply sites which have proven clasroom value. If you've ever tried
to keep a room full of people, sitting at different net connected computers
focussed on a single subject, you'll know what I mean.
If there is to be any kind of 'filter', I feel strongly that it should
be in the control of the client (or his parents....). I am very suspicious
of wide area censorship or rating system in any form. I think the only
solution is to put workable tools in the hands of users - to use or ignore
as they see fit. If they see something they don't like, it is entirely
their responsibility.
Nathan Wagoner