Re: Windows NT (http) server(s)

Robin Bailey (
Mon, 12 Dec 1994 10:13:21 +0100

>What has been the experience of people using the NT as an http server?
>What is the "best" http server software for a PC running Windows NT? Any
>real-world experiences with the EMWACS server, specifically?

We've been using the EMWAC HTTPS for nearly six months now, lately on
Windows 3.5. We host various project home pages, including the Comms &
Telecoms VL. We get a total of approx 5000 hits per day. The server (v0.6)
has crashed precisly once in all that time. We have had no trouble at all
with the latest version.

Chris Adie has always been very prompt to discuss any minor problems that
have arisen. Most of these were performance issues with CGI scripts, and
again I am happy to say that the latest version handles all our forms-based
stuff very nicely.

Robin Bailey
Analysys Ltd
Cambridge UK