Re: The GIF format as intellectual property

Robert Litchfield (litch@InterLink.NET)
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 19:54:52 +0100

> TIFF should be fairly easy to add.

> TIFF is good
> TIFF supports 1bit to 24 bit images
> TIFF supports many styles of compression
> TIFF supports real alpha chanels (transparency)
> TIFF supports JPEG compression
> TIFF supports X, Y, and LWZ compression
> TIFF supports comments
> TIFF supports copyrights
> TIFF has a freely available library and is well debugged
> TIFF is supported by most all paint applications (GIF, JPEG are not)
> TIFF is good

I like the idea of the flexability of TIFF....I never realized it was so

Maybe I will change my vote for TIFF :)

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