Project Delivery

4.1 HMS - Deliverable Functions:

Most of the functions outlined in section 2 will be delivered with the final software product. Exceptions would include the following options:

The staff of Sirius Software Products feel that given the very short development period of this project, the above listed functions could not be feasibly completed by the assigned completion date. Given favorable development conditions (read: if Bidulock doesn't nuke us), the on-line help function could be added in a future enhancement.

Also, billing options have been completely ignored in the development of HMS. It is felt that billing and financial issues should be handled by the City Hospital's accounting department and reside outside the scope of this project.

4.2 Sirius Software Products team composition:

Team Leader: Dan Hay User interface design/programming: Curtis Jensen, Natalie Simpson, Aaron Sun Database Function and Integration: Dennis Yip, Deb Howland, Darrell Nash Testing: Curtis Jensen, Deb Howland, Chong Tang User Manual: Walid Labban, Ed Stemler, Alex Tsang, Pete Tozser Document Editing: Dan Hay HTML Formatting: Darrell Nash
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