Executive Summary/Abstract

The Hospital Management System, to be developed by Sirius Software Products is proposed to be a comprehensive information management system for the City Hospital. The HMS will be an on-line software system targeted for the microcomputer operating platform.

The HMS will replace the City Hospital's cumbersome manual, paper-based information system. The HMS is designed to be easy to use, featuring a graphical user interface similar to that found on most Windows applications. The functions of the HMS will follow the functions performed by hospital staff using the current manual system. Operation of the HMS should be almost intuitive to existing staff as it is modeled after existing procedures. This is viewed as a key feature of the system as it will enable existing City Hospital staff to utilize the system with minimal training.

A key advantage of the HMS system is that it will consolidate the hospital's data stores into one central location. This will enable easy management of all information and ensure data integrity across the entire breadth of the system. This sharply contrasts the existing system where widely separated data stores can lead to inconsistent information and misinformed staff. Also, as the HMS is to be an interactive system, the incidence of errors in the data stores could be virtually eliminated.

The HMS will enable hospital administrators to more efficiently utilize both human and capital resources effectively and cost efficiently. The HMS will reduce time spent by staff admitting patients, scheduling and performing other daily tasks. It will also ensure that hospital facilities are employed to their greatest potential.

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