CPSC 451 Customer Group 11

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Last modified January 30, 1997

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The Customer Group 11 Liasons are Bruce Dechant, Corey Fleece and Alejandro Molina.
The Supplier Group 11 Liasons are Vlad Levin, Marcor Lopez and Phong Tu.

Our customer group consists of the following members:

rodneyb: Rod Bainbridge
cheungt: Tammy Cheung
cornickm: Mike Cornick
dechant: Bruce Dechant
fleece: Corey Fleece
jensenj: Eric Jensen
jirasekc: Catherine Jirasek
lapierre: Soleil Lapierre
molina: Alejandro Molina
phamli: Linh Pham
hanif: Hanif Remtulla
wongbe: Ben Wong

You can also Mail all group members at once.

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