These are the comments from the customer group regarding your proposal. Again, we would like to thank you for your efforts and dedication to the project. Again, the comments will be in red and italic. Due to the mishap that you have used absolute links throughout your document, you will find that many of the links in this page will point back to your original pages where we have reviewed and found that you have done an excellent job (and thus no comments are required from us - please take absence of comments as applauds from us for your hard-work.)

Overall Design Document

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Conclusions and Recommendations
  3. ProjectEnvironment
    1. BoundaryStatement
    2. ProjectObjectives and Constraints
    3. AcceptanceCriteria
  4. OrganizationalContext
  5. Requirementsof the Proposed System
    1. People
    2. Procedures
      1. FunctionalSpecifications For O/R
        1. ScheduleOperation
        2. WaitList
        3. PatientFunctions
        4. Ward/BedFunctions
        5. Nurseand Doctor Functions
    3. Data
      1. DataDictionary
      2. DataFlow Diagrams
    4. Software
    5. Hardware
  6. Appendixes
    1. DFDs
    2. ScreenShots
    3. HSSSchematic
    4. Reponsesto Customer
  7. Glossaryof Terms