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PlaNet - Overall Design Document

Executive Summary

Integrated Software Solutions Incorporated is negotiating a contract to develop a software system for Imagin8 Inc. This document is a description of the overall design for a group diary and time management system, incorporating suggested modifications to the original proposal from Imagin8 Inc. 

The group diary and time management system is entitled PlaNet. It is a multi-user software package, used for the organization of office meetings and personal activities. A primary objective of this system will be to facilitate and support the coordination of meetings across groups of co-workers. 

PlaNet will be composed of two main components, the Meeting Management System (MMS) and the PlaNet Administration System (PAS). Multi-level access will allow for two types of users, employees and administrators, with different sets of functionality. PlaNet will be under the authority of administrators since they will issue and maintain accounts. 

This system will be designed to run on Intel Pentium-based computers using the Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT operating systems. It is highly recommended that the server have 64MB of RAM and run Windows NT 4.0 Server. Each workstation requires 16MB RAM, and if printing is needed access to a local or networked printer. The system will run over any Windows network, or optionally as a standalone unit encompassing both client and server roles (chiefly for demonstration purposes). 

ISSI is prepared to provide PlaNet, a custom software solution which will reliably and efficiently automate the meeting scheduling process. The following document summarizes the core components of the system, details user interface and functionality, includes a technically oriented specification and addresses concerns expressed by Imagin8 since the last specification. 

Table of Contents

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