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 Main Data Structures and Algorithms

 Minimal System Specifications

Main Data Structures and Algorithms

Data Structures:

The batch processing subsystem maintains tables that track information about everything the gas station does. The following tables and related fields are maintained by the batch processing subsystem and are used to generate the reports and supply information to the interactive login subsystem:

Transactions - This table keeps track of all the transaction information submitted by the pumps.

The table contains the following fields:
Date/Time of transaction
ID of Pump from which gas was pumped
Type of gas (obtained from list)
Quantity of gas (in litres)
Price/litre charged for transaction
Tax percentage charged per transaction
Total tax amount charged for the transaction
Customer's first and last name
Credit card type and account number

Deliveries - This table records all delivery information.

The table contains the following fields:
Date and time of delivery
ID/Name of delivery person
Type of gas delivered
ID of tank gas was delivered to
Number of litres added to tank

Statistics -

This table contains the current gas station statistics.
Current prices for each type of gas
Current tax rate
Quantity of gas currently in each tank

Credit Cards - This table tracks credit cards that were refused authorization.

The table contains the following fields:
Status of card
Action taken
Name of Customer
Credit card number


The batch processing subsystem generates reports in the following way. First it searches through the table adding each record to the report it is generating. Once a report has been successfully generated the current table is backed up to another location and renamed with the date and time of the generated report. Then an empty table is created in it's place that is used to track information for the next report.

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Last Updated on 1/20/97
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