CPSC 547 Project II
Evaluation of Existing Office Tools

DUE: February 21, 1996

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Simon Yung yung
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Our company, Web Creatures, have been approached by several internet page creators on creating web graphics, such as lines/bars, logos, and wallpaper backgrounds.

In this report, we will be testing 3 different paint packages which work on 3 different platforms. The 3 paint packages are : CLRpaint on the SGI computers, XPaint on the Sun Workstations, and Paint Shop Pro on the PC. We are testing these programs to see which one we should use when developing graphics for our clients. We are evaluating each program based upon a set of criterias, pointing out the programs advantages as well as its disadvantages. After a thorough evaluation session of each program, we will be making a decision on which program to use in our office.

The 3 packages will be rated on the following criteria:

They will also be evaluated on how well they can perform the tasks that we need them to do.
Our conclusions are presented at the bottom of this page.

Table of Contents:


Tasks to be Solved

The Software Solution

Conclusion and Recommendations

During the course of our testing, we came to recognize the similarities and differences of the hardware platforms that we were working on, and found that the software can be enhanced by the specific graphical abilities of the hardware. That is partially why we rate CLRpaint as the graphics paint program of choice.

After testing all three packages, we quickly discarded XPaint because of its lack of format support, problems with the spray can option causing the program to hang,the file load time was long, and the selection of paint brushes and fonts available is rather limited. Paint Shop Pro was very easy to use, and did quite well performing the tasks that we require. However, the floating windows got in the way, and the zoom feature was not nearly as good as the real time zoom window of CLRpaint.

Overall, CLRpaint out classed and was generally superior to the other packages. Its power features made it more versatile and fun to use. The real time zoom window allowed much greater detailed work when creating an image. Plus, the number of fonts and color selection made CLRpaint a much more useful program than the others. Therefore, we recommend CLRpaint as the official graphics paint package of Web Creatures.

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