Project 3: Web Grid

I. Exploration
The grid I created involves the games I played the summer of 1995 when I was teaching for College Kids at Mount Royal College. The games include Sim City, Wolfinstein, Doom, Jazz Jack Rabbit, Hocus Pocus, Pac Man, Solitaire, Minesweep and Hearts. I based it on the interest I had in the games by certain elements such as graphics, fun/boring, sound, if it involved animals, shooting or thinking, etc.
I found Web Grid difficult to use at first, and had to refer to previous examples to understand what was meant by constructs and elements. It also took awhile to decide on what I would compare in my grid. Once I decided on a topic, it took some thinking to decide on what my constrasting comparisons would be, but once I got going it became quite easy to come up with new ideas. Where I found the most difficulty was the program itself. I had re-typed my information in quite a few times, not realizing I could save it and work on it later. I thought the save button didn't work on the Elicitation page, until another student showed me how saving was to be done. The other confusing component was displaying the graphs. I click on display to get a graph, and then click on PrinCom to only get the same graph, same as to when I clicked FOCUS. Only until after a fellow student told me you had to reload the file again, did I understand what the graphs were for, besides confusing me.
The link to Part I of Project 3 which is my grid on games I played this summer.

II. Elicitation of constructs on CPSC 547 topics

I found it difficult to decide on what constructs I would use to compare and contrast the 547 topics, so I decided to only compare two at a time when they were too similar. This proved to be easier until I had gone through about five constructs and starting realizing I was duplicating constructs by using different terms.
My grid had simliar constructs to Dr. Gaines', the terminology was just different and he had thought of a few things I hadn't. The topics were difficult to find constructs for because they were so different. Although Dr. Gaines and I used differnet terms for the constructs, we ended up with similar results to an extent. We only really majorly disagreed on five sections of the comparison grid which I believe really only had to do with the differing terminology we used. My terminology was less technical than Dr. Gaines and I applied it in different aspects. The link to Part II

III.Elicitation of constructs on Ethics:Software that monitor and censor.
The grid contains five software programs that monitor and censor interactions on the Internet and various other media tools. The constructs that compare these software include capabilities, cost, systems etc.
When I clicked on FOCUS, I found that there is alot of similiarity between Cyber Sitter and The Internet Filter Version Zero. Surf Watch seems to be the less similar of all five.When I click on PrinCom, the graph confirms my assumption of Cyber Sitter and The Internet Filter: Version Zero were similiar but not as similar as Surf Watch and The Internet Filter: Version One, which I did not see on the FOCUS graph. This helps me knowing how simliar software is and allows for a visiable representation for me to remember more easily. The link to Part III shows my elicitation of software that censor and monitor.