About Michele Jacobsen, MSc.

Doctoral Student

Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education

Meet my best buddy, Michael, who is seven and in grade 2. My nephew was four years old in this picture. Isn't He Cute?

Michele's Best Buddy

My CourseWork 1995/1996

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Computer Operating System of Choice:

Macintosh, of course!

I have reconciled myself to being typecast as a Mac-only user. My students think that I should negotiate a contract with Apple Canada, to get a kickback for every machine that I convince them to buy. However, for the record, I also own a 386 Windows machine, which I use periodically to translate files from other people, so I can get my work done faster on my Mac!!! No, really, my 386 is good for games, but not much else. Wait a minute, I could use it as a stand for my Mac monitor! Or, it would make a good, heavy doorstop! What I really need is Windows 95, and 18 hours for installation and set-up, so my 386 would be more Mac-Like!!