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Date: Fri, 8 Jul 94 09:32:15 EDT
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From: Tim Berners-Lee <>
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Subject: HTML BOF
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Here is a description. It is not full of sales talk as it
is not a tutorial session ;-)

Will you contact Megan for a slot?  I want anyone new to
the IETF to be able go to the Sunday evening stuff if possible,
so I propose Monady am for the BOF, and then informal
sessions after that.  If a BOF can have two sessions,
I'd suggest both:

    *** Monday  25th 13:30-15:30  and/or 16:00-18:00


"The HTML BOF will pick up work of a previous informal HTML
Implementor's Group and propose that the group be construed as an
IETF working group in the future.  Current work is toward
completing technical precision in the of HTML level 2
as a descriptive specification of existing practice in W3.
A familiarity with the HTML level 2 specification and
existing practice on the web from a software implementor's
point of view are an prerequisites to participation.
Background materials in the BOF and future WG are listed in
<> and
The BOF chair will be Tim Berners-Lee/CERN. The current
working documents are edited by Dan Connolly/Hal.
It has been suggested that this group be also known
as an SGML Open technical committee."

Comments from the group welcome of course but as it is
only a BOF and time is short I suggest Erik go ahead on this now.