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Ok,  let's go for a meeting in Toronto.

Summarizing people who have expressed enthusiam (without yet any commitment):

  Bill Perry
  Chris Wilson
  Eric W. Sink
  Dan Connolly
  Dave Raggett
  Murray Maloney
  Phill Hallam-Baker
  Liam Quin
  Tim Berners-Lee

A registratioon form is appended to save you time.
Check <> for hotel details.

A working group cannot be formed instantly: the charter has to
be proposed to the Area Director, and then passed by the
Internet Activities Board (who check its fitting in with the IETF's
vision) and the Internet Engineering Steering Group (who check its
administrative aspects make sense). The Area Director is Erik Huizer
of surfnet. He is in favor of it. From his putting it to the
IAB and IESG there is a time limit of 2 weeks for any discussion,
then the working group comes into existsence.

If the group does come into existence, then the IESG is 

supporting the idea of WWW standards work happening under the IETF
umbrella.  This would imply (we would write it into the charter)
support in principle for WG output to be acceptable as Internet
standards track material.  If they balk at that, then it is just
as well, as we don't want to waste time fixing up a WG and then
find the output is not acceptable anyway.

If we hold a meeting in Toronto, it will be classed as
a BOF.   A BOF is normally held anyway as a first meeting to 

demonstrate sufficient interest to sustain the WG.

I would see the advantages of such a meeting as follows

- HTML-IG memembers acquaint themselves with the IETF
  (I should recommend the newcomer's evening July 24 16:30.
  and read RFC1539 first.)
- The WG is set up, charter defined, and the HTML-IF members meet
  Erik and the odd IESG member to make contact;
- some actual work gets done.

The charter can be fixed up on the net beforehand.
A BOF lasts 2 hours, and actual work would also be done at
informal meetings held anywhere during the time we are all there.
This looks like being early in the week.  I will suggest scheduling
the BOF for Monday  25th 13:30-15:30  or 16:00-18:00  but can't
guarantee this slot of course.

Tuesday am is a URI WG meeting which I must attend, and
others moght see as a clash.


PS: Murray (sorry about typo in your name!) -- 

Thanks for offering to help with 

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