Re: Paul Burchard on HTML 2.0 FORMs

Larry Masinter <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 94 17:35:04 EDT
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From: Larry Masinter <>
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Subject: Re: Paul Burchard on HTML 2.0 FORMs 
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Perhaps, given the incompleteness of SCRIBBLE and AUDIO, that perhaps
they should be taken out of the 2.0 specification?

I'm thinking of some generalization where you say, instead of
type="AUDIO", do:

  <input type="interactive"

to request gathering audio data interactively, and instead of
type="SCRIBBLE", you do:

  <input type="interactive"
        content="image/gif image/jpeg">

to request gathering an image interactively.

Finally, of course, I would want to wedge in something like

  <input type="file" content="image/* audio/*">

where the input desired was something that was presumably prepared
offline and inserted as a file selection rather than interactively