Initial meeting on Monday, July 25 (was Re: HTML BOF is Tuesday)

Murray Maloney <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 94 10:50:28 EDT
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Subject: Initial meeting on Monday, July 25 (was Re: HTML BOF is Tuesday)
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Hello everyone,

I have scheduled the conference room at SCO Canada
from noon until 6pm on Monday, July 25th.

I need to have a list of people who will be attending
for our receptionist to log you in when you arrive.

I will be at the morning session of the IETF meeting,
and will be available to escort as many people as 
there are who want a guide to our offices.

The address is:    130 Bloor Street West, 10th Floor.
My direct line is: (416) 960-4031
SCO Canada phone:  (416) 922-1937

>From the conference hotel:  Walk west along Queen Street
to University Avenue.  Take the subway (TTC) north to
the Museum station and exit on the east side of University Ave.
Walk north to Bloor Street West, cross the street and 
walk east (right turn) to the Air Canada building at
130 Bloor Street West.  Elevator to 10th Floor.  

Or, take a taxi.  About $5-7 CDN.

Ask for Murray Maloney. 

I will have an overhead projector, whiteboard, coffee,
water, soft drinks and juices.

Is there anything else that I should prepare?


> Murray,
> As there was no way for the BOF to be scheduled on Monday, maybe
> it would be useful for you to fix up a meeting place in Toronto
> someplace else fro Monday.  Monday morning is a plenary session
> which some people will want to go to.
> I suggest peopl come for Sunday evening if they want hte intro
> session, and Monday and Tuesday for the BOF meeting itself.
> Tim
> Begin forwarded message:
> Tim,
> Could you please indicate how many days we should expect
> to dedicate to this?  I will be there on Sunday for
> the newby's indoctrination and again on Tuesday
> for the BOF.  But I assume that the rest of you 
> are not travelling thousands of miles for one
> evening BOF in Toronto.  When and where should
> we be planning to meet to work on HTML 2.0 and
> possibly even HTML 3.0?  Should I be trying to
> arrange a meeting space for all of us on Monday 
> or Tuesday or Wednesday?
> Murray