Re: unordered lists in HTML2.0 (Peter Flynn)
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 94 12:51:07 EDT
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From: (Peter Flynn)
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Subject: Re: unordered lists in HTML2.0
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> Sorry, Peter, if I've confused you.
>  "current practice" is HTML, sure, which has been
> divided into two levels, level 1 being current practice without forms,
> level 2 with forms.
> So Mosaic and Lynx and MacWeb are level 2 compliant,
> the line mode browser is level 1 compliant.

Right...but this doesn't impinge on LI does it?

> The thing we were at one time calling HTML2 is now called HTMLPlus.
> Iff it can be made backward compatible it'll be HTML level 3,
> otherwise it will be HTMLplus level 3.

This is the exact reverse of how things used to be. Once upon a time there
was just HTML. Then there was HTMLPLUS, which people started to refer to
as HTML2. Now it's gone back to being HTMLPLUS? This has all the makings
of a Brian Rix farce...have you spoken to the Whitehall Theatre? :-)