Attendees list for Monday meeting at SCO

Murray Maloney <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 94 16:29:17 EDT
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Subject: Attendees list for Monday meeting at SCO
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Tim had asked me to publish a list of everyone who had confirmed
attendance at the meeting on Monday at my offices:

  Tim Berners-Lee	CERN
  Dan Connolly		HaL
  Eric Sink		Spyglass
  Liam Quinn		SoftQuad
  Terry Noreault  	OCLC, Director, Office of Research and Special Projects
  Stuart Weibel   	OCLC, Senior Research Scientist
  Eric Miller     	OCLC, Research Assistant
  Murray Maloney	SCO

I am assuming that Dan will be coming to the Monday meeting,
although his mail only indicated he would be in Toronto by
Sunday night.

I also assume that this group is large enough to warrant us
meeting in a conference room, replete with white board and all,
rather than retiring to one of your hotel rooms.  On that
basis, I am arranging for the room and refreshments.

See you all on Sunday at the Conference hotel for the reception
or the newcomer's indoctrination.