Re: HTML 3.0 standardization (Eric W. Sink)
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 94 10:06:26 EDT
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From: (Eric W. Sink)
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Subject: Re: HTML 3.0 standardization
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>Could someone please fill me in on the current process for defining
>the HTML 3.0 spec?  I have seen Dave's document, and  attended the
>appropriate sessions in Geneva, but I seem to have missed something
>(perhaps while I was away on vacation).

Me too.  It was my understanding that Dave's work was to be the
'basis for discussion' of a 3.0 spec.  When I see mentions of
testbed browsers and signed book agreements with A-W, I have the
sense that I missed something.

I think it's important that HTML 3.0 go through a regular group
discussion period before steps are taken which would turn it into
any kind of standard.  Even the wide availability of a testbed
browser makes me a little nervous.  I, like Murray, am eager to
see the browser in action, but I am also eager to limit its
exposure until it implements a language that the rest of us are
comfortable with.

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