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Murray Maloney <murray@sco.COM>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 94 11:40:52 EDT
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Subject: Re: HTML 2.0
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Hi Mike,

I have not seen the Aug 22 version.
How do I get that?

Will you be able to incorporate my revised
Character Sets and Character Data sections
(along with the tables of characters)
before the Oct 10 release (assuming they are acceptable)?

See other questions below....

> We've been monitoring the group mail regularly and have been working on two
> fronts:
> 1. Collecting and integrating changes to the Aug. 22 version.
> 2. Preparing the FrameMaker-based document for conversion to text (for RFC)
> and HTML (via WebMaker).
> Surveying the group's mail prior to and since the Aug. 22 release, there
> actually don't appear to be that many specific changes (such as those just
> discussed re: LI attributes) to the technical content. There appears to
> have been more discussion about HTML 2.1 and 3.0 additions than HTML 2.0,
> which is currently irrelevant to this process.
> Our plans and schedule are thus:
> 1. A text version available by October 10. We can mail (long) or make
> available by anon-FTP.
> 2. A printed and bound version of this draft version to be available at the
> Conference.
> 3. A new HTML version at the same time or shortly afterward, but before the
> conference.
> 4. A new PostScript version of the FrameMaker files available to be downloaded.

Will that be available on October 10?  I don't mind ftp'ing
the PostScript over if I can have nice formatted text
rather than ASCII.
> 5. After one more round of discussion of the text version, integration of
> changes and new versions available mid November for last call.

Any chance that it could be ready in time for discussion at
the SGML 94 conference (Nov 7-10).  Some of the participants
on this list will meet then and there might be a good opportunity
to review the spec with the SGML community.  Perhaps a BOF at
SGML 94 could also be arranged.
> --Mike 217-355-6000 x233

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