Re: Perceived Consensus: No ICADD in HTML 2.0 (Yuri Rubinsky)
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 94 18:40:03 EDT
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From: (Yuri Rubinsky)
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Subject: Re:  Perceived Consensus: No ICADD in HTML 2.0
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Eric writes:

> Despite all the reasonable arguments for putting it in, I do not
perceive that the consensus of this group is to address the ICADD
issues for HTML 2.0.  I *do* perceive a desire to do an HTML 2.1,
where this and other things we've deferred may be addressed.

My sense was that there was a desire to incorporate the fixed SDA attributes
that allow HTML files to be then transformed for the visually impaired --
which is the relateively straightforward job that Jeff Suttor and I 
volunteered for and which gets done the minute the DTD is completely
stable -- but *not* to incorporate the "other-way-round" issues, which
were the more complicated subject of so many discussions.

That stuff will wait till 2.1.

Dan and I discussed this at dinner at Seybold (with Jeff, the volunteer
in question, among others) and I think he agreed with me that that seemed
to be the consensus.