whither <u>...</u>?

Corprew Reed <corp@oclc.org>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 14:56:09 EDT
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Subject: whither <u>...</u>?
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Topic: Level 1 Features
Proposal: Consistency for <u> tag

Hi.  I was wondering whether there was some previously reached decision about
dropping <u> from the document id'd as:

 $Id: html-1.dtd,v 1.1 1994/06/13 20:55:46 connolly Exp $
(a.k.a.  The HTML Level 1 DTD, a.k.a

or if it has just dropped out in the works.

I checked four browsers (Lynx 2.x, XMosaic 2.x, MacMosaic 2.0A, and MacWeb
0.98A) and it was only implemented in the Mac browsers.

I don't particularly care for <u>, but it has shown up in output from
some converters and on some pages.  Should it be put in the DTD under
the flag of current practice?

The lines in the DTD to which I refer are:

<!ENTITY % font " TT | B | I "
        -- @# U underline? S strike? -->

If I've missed some discussion, could someone please point me to it?
If I'm blathering, just ignore me.

If it is being dropped, I'll provide diffs for
http://www.hal.com/~connolly/html-spec/Highlighting.html, which currently
lists it as one of the Physical markups.


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