Re: New Highlighting.html [Was: whither <u>...</u>? ] (Peter Flynn)
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 20:14:13 EDT
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From: (Peter Flynn)
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Subject: Re: New Highlighting.html [Was: whither <u>...</u>? ]
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X-Comment: HTML Implementation Group
>    These elements allow sections of text to be formatted in a particular way,
>    to provide emphasis, etc. The tags do NOT cause a paragraph break, and may
>    be used on sections of text within paragraphs.

You might also caution that such tags may not cross paragraph boundaries.
My understanding is that they have to be reinvoked each paragraph, ie the
following is illegal:

<body><h1>some header</h1>
<p>some text <i>italicised from here on...
<p>And in this para too, but stopping here</i>.

I know it may look cutesie, and most browsers probably couldn't care less,
but I don't think that will parse no way.