Status: SDA -> HTML 2.0 for ICADD

Jeff Suttor (jsuttor@Library.UCLA.EDU)
Mon, 21 Nov 94 01:08:42 EST

Below are the SGML Document Access (SDA) #FIXED attributes that will be added
to HTML 2.0 in support of easy transformation to ICADD for print-impaired
access using Braille, large print and voice synthesis.

Thanks to all of the attendees at the SGML '94 BoF that helped put this
together! It was a great mix of people from the SGML, HTML and
print-impaired communities. There are only a few minor changes from the notes
I took at the BoF, most having to do with mapping EMPTY elements.

What's next:

- please review and comment, all input is welcome
- I will run test transformations from HTML 2.0 -> ICADD
- we will formally submit these to the HTML 2.0 editor
- time is *very* short, please respond if possible in the next few days

Once HTML 2.0 is an RFC, several Internet sites have expressed interest in
providing URLs to batch scripts for:

ICADD -> Braille
ICADD -> voice
ICADD -> ASCII/large print

Thanks to all,

Jeff Suttor JSuttor@Library.UCLA.Edu

<!-- Last modified 941120 21:10 PST -->

<!SGML "ISO 8879:1986"

-- This is a conforming SGML Document Access application. --
AppInfo SDA

<!DocType HTML Public "-//IETF//DTD HTML//EN//2.0" [

HTML 2.0 contains SGML Document Access (SDA) fixed attributes in support
of easy transformation to the International Committee for Accessible
Document Design (ICADD) DTD "-//EC-USA-CDA-ICADD//DTD ICADD22//EN//1.1".
ICADD applications are designed to support usable access to structured
information by print-impaired individuals through Braille, large print
and voice synthesis. For more information on SDA & ICADD:
- ISO 12083:1993, Annex A.8, Facilities for Braille, large print
and computer voice
- ICADD ListServ <>
- Usenet news group bit.listserv.easi
- Recording for the Blind, +1 800 221 4792

<!-- SGML Document Access (SDA) Parameter Entities -->

<!AttList A
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans A: #AttList>" >

<!AttList Address
%SDAForm; "Lit"
%SDAPref; "Address:&RE;" >

<!AttList B
%SDAForm; "Bold" >

<!AttList Base
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans Base: #AttList>" >

<!AttList BlockQuote
%SDAForm; "BQ" >

<!AttList Body
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans Body: #AttList>" >

<!AttList Br
%SDAPref; "&RE;" >

<!AttList Cite
%SDAForm; "It" >

<!AttList Code
%SDAForm; "Lit" >

<!AttList DD
%SDAForm; "Para" >

<!AttList Dir
%SDAForm; "List"
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans Dir: #AttList><LHead>Directory</LHead>" >

<!AttList DL
%SDAForm; "List"
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans DL: #AttList>" >

<!AttList DT
%SDAForm; "Term" >

<!AttList Em
%SDAForm; "It" >

<!AttList Form
%SDAPref; "<Para><?SDATrans Form: #AttList>Form:</Para>" >
%SDASuff; "<Para><?SDATrans Form: #End>Form End.</Para>" >

<!AttList Head
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans Head: #AttList>" >

<!AttList HR
%SDAPref; "<Para><?SDATrans HR: #AttList></Para>" >

<!AttList HTML
%SDAForm "Book"
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans HTML: #AttList>" >

<!AttList H1
%SDAForm; "H1" >
<!AttList H2
%SDAForm; "H2" >
<!AttList H3
%SDAForm; "H3" >
<!AttList H4
%SDAForm; "H4" >
<!AttList H5
%SDAForm; "H5" >
<!AttList H6
%SDAForm; "H6" >

<!AttList I
%SDAForm; "It" >

<!AttList Img
%SDAPref; "<Fig><?SDATrans Img: #AttList>#AttVal(Alt)</Fig>" >

<!AttList Input
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans Input: #AttList>" >

<!AttList IsIndex
"<Para><?SDATrans IsIndex: #AttList>[Document is an index.]</Para>" >

<!AttList Kbd
%SDAForm; "Lit" >

<!AttList LI
%SDAForm; "LItem" >

<!AttList Link
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans Link: #AttList>" >

<!AttList Listing
%SDAForm; "Lit"
%SDAPref; "Listing:&RE;" >

<!AttList Menu
%SDAForm; "List"
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans Menu: #AttList><LHead>Menu</LHead>" >

<!AttList Meta
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans Meta: #AttList>" >

<!AttList NextID
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans NextID: #AttList>" >

<!AttList OL
%SDAForm; "List"
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans OL: #AttList>" >

<!AttList Option
%SDAForm; "LItem"
"<?SDATrans Option: #AttList>#AttVal(Value) #AttVal(Selected)" >

<!AttList P
%SDAForm; "Para" >

<!AttList PlainText
%SDAForm; "Lit" >

<!AttList Pre
%SDAForm; "Lit"
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans Pre: #AttList>" >

<!AttList Samp
%SDAForm; "Lit" >

<!AttList Select
%SDAForm; "List"
"<?SDATrans Select: #AttList><LHead>Select #AttVal(Multiple)</LHead>" >

<!AttList Strong
%SDAForm; "Bold" >

<!AttList TextArea
%SDAForm; "Para"
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans TextArea: #AttList>#AttVal(Name): " >

<!AttList Title
%SDAForm; "Ti" >

<!AttList TT
%SDAForm; "Lit" >

<!AttList UL
%SDAForm; "List"
%SDAPref; "<?SDATrans UL: #AttList>" >

<!AttList Var
%SDAForm; "Lit" >

<!AttList Xmp
%SDAForm; "Lit"
%SDAPref; "Example:&RE;" >