Re: Nov 28 draft

Daniel W. Connolly (
Wed, 30 Nov 94 14:20:53 EST

In message <>, Paul Grosso writes:
>Dan, Eric,
>What is the status of the DTD printed in the Nov 28 internet draft?
>How does that compare with the DTD you maintain?

It's the latest "released" version, but I'm doing some development to
integrate recent suggestions as we speak.

>One of the other issues (or perhaps this is also a DTD issue) is the
>FPIs for the DTDs and the use of the public text display version field
>for the (display-independent) version number. Is this change still
>planned to go into the spec?


The changes I'm currently release-testing include:

* ICADD attributes
* FPI changes (version number, ISOlat1 clean-up)
* misuse of parameter entities

>I guess I'm wondering
>how to determine what changes are still planned, which ones are
>rejected, and which ones are unintentionally getting forgotten?

It's a little bit frustrating that we don't have a proper "defect
tracking system" or whatever.

Mail messages like this one work OK for now, though.

Expect to see a new release of the public text this week. This
afternoon, if all goes well.