Re: Forms and Tables
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 09:57:35 -0700

Here's what needed to be done after the San Jose IETF meeting:

1. Get a new DTD which included the ICADD stuff, and had line lengths <72

2. Make a few edits, all relatively minor.

Progress on this has been slower than I would have liked. My apologies.
Holidays and normal product cycles took a chunk out of my time.

As of now, I have the new DTD from Dan Connolly, and I've been working this
week on the last few document edits. I had hoped to finish these up for
release of a final Internet-Draft today, but I didn't quite make it. I
intend to submit a new I-D early next week, and submit it to Erik Huizer
for IESG review. That will give it 2 months or so before the April IETF
meeting, which (with a good tailwind) may be enough for it to be an RFC by

I understand Dave Raggett is busily working away on a 3.0 document, and
there has been some discussion here on the list about 3.0 issues, which is

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