Re: Status of HTML RFC

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Fri, 3 Feb 95 11:46:25 EST

Just so I understand and can schedule accordingly...

Do we expect to have meeting in April at IETF?

The reason I ask is that there is a Davenport meeting
in the Boston area the same week, and the WWW Conference
is the week after in Germany.

If it is possible, I'd sure prefer to see any HTML meetings
happen on Wednesday or Thursday of the IETF week.

> Here's what needed to be done after the San Jose IETF meeting:
> 1. Get a new DTD which included the ICADD stuff, and had line lengths <72
> chars.
> 2. Make a few edits, all relatively minor.
> Progress on this has been slower than I would have liked. My apologies.
> Holidays and normal product cycles took a chunk out of my time.
> As of now, I have the new DTD from Dan Connolly, and I've been working this
> week on the last few document edits. I had hoped to finish these up for
> release of a final Internet-Draft today, but I didn't quite make it. I
> intend to submit a new I-D early next week, and submit it to Erik Huizer
> for IESG review. That will give it 2 months or so before the April IETF
> meeting, which (with a good tailwind) may be enough for it to be an RFC by
> then.
> I understand Dave Raggett is busily working away on a 3.0 document, and
> there has been some discussion here on the list about 3.0 issues, which is
> good.
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> Eric W. Sink, Senior Software Engineer --