Re: HTML WG meeting at April IETF meeting

Megan Davies Walnut (mwalnut@CNRI.Reston.VA.US)
Fri, 3 Feb 95 18:08:54 EST


Is it possible that multicasting the html session would help any?
Would you be able to get access to an mbone site in Germany?


>> People have been asking about whether the HTML WG will be holding a
>> gathering at the April IETF meeting.
>> The scheduling for that meeting is currently in progress. We are currently
>> slotted for two gatherings, one Monday afternoon, and one Tuesday
>> afternoon. This information is subject to change.
>> I think that a discussion at the April IETF would be worthwhile, but it is
>> unfortunately being held the week before the WWW conference. I must
>> confess that it will be very difficult for me to be at the IETF meeting.
>> Neither my company nor my family are enthusiastic about the notion of me
>> being out of town two weeks in a row. I suspect that others will be under
>> similar constraints, and that attendance at the IETF HTML sessions may be
>> rather weak.
>> Since the IETF meeting is in the Boston area, I am hoping that if I am
>> unable to attend, co-chair Tim Berners-Lee will be able to facilitate the
>> sessions.
>> I am interested in determining how many people we might expect to attend
>> the HTML sessions at the April IETF meeting.
>> The WWW conference is in Germany, April 10-14.
>> The IETF meeting is in Danvers (Boston area), April 3-7.
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>> Eric W. Sink, Senior Software Engineer --