Re: Client-side imagemap I-D

CN=Bruce Kahn/O=Iris@IRIS (iris!CN=Bruce_Kahn/
Fri, 3 Feb 95 18:19:45 EST

Eric Miller writes:
>With the notion of clientside image maps, however, the next logical
>step would be to wrap this into the <FORM> confines and allow for
>multiple click events to define certain user actions. Interactions
>with complex database (specifically those with an image component)
>would be greatly enhanced with the ability to define regions as
>a querying mechanism.

Ack! Now that everyone is used to a single click interface, I have to
disagree with the idea of using multiple clicks on a single ISMAP. Besides
being counter intuitive to existing usage, Im having a hard time finding many
uses for this. About the only use I can think of to apply this is some form
of query builder with areas that represent possible choices (ie: "SELECT",
"WHERE", "(", ")", table names, field names, etc). While this would be a
very cool feature, just how would textual browers or gateways compensate for
their inability to 'click to compose'?? I think that this new idea should be
left out of client side ISMAPs (but it could become its own proposal).

Also, theres nothing that says you could not use this extension inside a FORM
as it stands.