Re: Forms and Tables

Paul Burchard (
Fri, 3 Feb 95 20:31:00 EST

Forms containing tables are an absolute requirement, I agree.
Fortunately they appear to already be supported in HTML3.

> Can anyone else think of bizarre examples that will cause problems?

Well, when Eric was talking about "tables containing forms", he also
brought up the following sort of possibility:

<TR> <FORM...> <TD><INPUT NAME="row1field1">
<TD><INPUT NAME="row1field2"> <TD><INPUT TYPE="submit"> </FORM>
<TR> <FORM...> <TD><INPUT NAME="row2field1">
<TD><INPUT NAME="row2field2"> <TD><INPUT TYPE="submit"> </FORM>

which would be somewhat more problematic (and not currently supported
in HTML3). Things become even less clear if you wish to put a single
form across exactly two rows of a table. In terms of SGML, this
could get icky.

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