Re: Forms and Tables

Dave Raggett (
Thu, 9 Feb 95 11:53:00 EST

> Since FORMs can't be nested, what problems would we run into with something
> like the following:

> <FORM ...>
> some stuff
> <TR><TD>some more stuff<BR>
> <FORM ...>
> still more stuff
> <INPUT TYPE=.....>
> </FORM>
> </TD>
> </TR>
> </TABLE>
> this is yet more stuff
> </FORM

This would cause problems for parsers. The 2.0 and 3.0 DTD's forbid
nested forms. So the parser upon seeing the second <FORM> element
would terminate the scope of the first one, and signal an error.
The INPUT and </FORM> tags after the table would also cause errors.

You could place two independent forms together side by side, but only
if each form is held in a single cell. This is where the ability to
nest tables comes in. You would use a nested table to lay out the cells
for each of the two forms.

Refer to the 3.0 DTD at
for futher details on tables.

The 3.0 Internet Draft will make all this quite clear (I hope).

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