Planning new RFCs! [was: REL and REV attributes -- a new RFC?]

Dan Connolly (
Fri, 28 Apr 95 19:18:11 EDT

Ian Graham writes:
> Yes -- absolutely.

Yeah verily.

> This is a nice, simple list that does not preclude more sophisticated
> relationships at a later date. I am certainly interested in pursuing
> this, and since Murray and Craig are just around the corner (albeit
> different corners), I would be very happy to help.
> Should we move this to a separate mailing list?

Please, no. This list is archived and reasonably reliable, and the
collection of folks is about right, I'd say.

This fits neatly in with the new charter/strategy for this group.
We're working on:

* Internationalization
The Multilingual World Wide Web
- Gavin Nicole, w/Glenn Adams etc.

"Character Set" Considered Harmful

* File Upload
proposal from Xerox folks
See: and go from there.

* Tables
Who's writing this up? Yuri? Murry? Dave?
Also,Toward Graceful Deployment of Tables in HTML

* Navigational Idioms
Link relationships, Banner, Table of Contents, Agregate Documents, ...
Craig Hubley, Murray Malone

* Structural Idioms

ID, Class, Sections/Divisions, ranges/spans/spots,
annotation/sytlesheet hooks

Dave Raggett needs to separate this from the rest of the HTML 3.0 spec.

* Forms, Image Maps, and Interactive Applications

Somebody needs to do a comprehensive write-up of this.
Paul Burchard?

for details.

Authors: if you have any status info or questions, please mail
them (at least) to myself and Erik Sink <>,
if not to the whole list.

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