Re: html 3.0 - banners ok - where is the trailer?

Dave Raggett (
Mon, 1 May 95 12:51:54 EDT

> In the draft-ietf-html-specv3-00.txt
> there is the possibility to have a "banner". Either through
> the LINK or the BANNER tag.

> This is very nice and much wanted, but it is also very common to have
> a trailer (or footer) at the end of each page also with thinks like those
> used in the banner.

The HTML3 spec doesn't specify whether the banner should appear at the top
or bottom of the browser window.

You could use the class attribute to subclass the banner for this, and
some people have asked for an alignment attribute for explicit control
rather than via style sheets. Do we really want to fix the position
in the HTML standard?

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