Re: content model of HEAD
Mon, 19 Jun 95 15:28:26 EDT

Joe -- the objective of the working group is not (alas) to improve
the HTML that is out there; existing HTML documents really *do* have
META and TITLE intertwined:

<META ....>
<META .....>

and the DTD was intended to reflect this.
It was a bug that the above sequence was illegal according to the DTD;
the change I proposed was to fix that bug.

There is nothing inherently evil about inclusions; they are a tool to
be used when necessary. Yes, in this case, if we were starting from
scratch to develop an SGML application, this -- and a lot of other things --
might be very different, I agree.

I cited Internet Assistant as one example of software in widespread use
that creates documents like that; I didn't mean to imply that they were
the only ones.

I want to do the pragmatic thing and have the DTD reflect current practice
in a way that is also useful. And that's what I believe the current draft
does, even if it isn't necessarily aesthetically pleasing.


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