Re: Remarks on Tables draft

Peter Flynn (
Wed, 26 Jul 95 05:02:32 EDT

Terry writes:
> This is what I mean by a stub cell:
> RED 12 13 14
> BLUE 5 6 7
> GREEN .1 .4 .5
> RED, BLUE, and GREEN are stub cells, often presented differently
> than the other cells, just as the header cells (GOOD BAD UGLY)
> are. Lots of table lack stubs, and tabular effects are often
> desired that don't need to distinguish between stubs and other
> cells in the row.
> Peter Flynn, other typographers, am I using "stub" correctly?

I guess so. STUB seems to be used more in listings, though, for a row
label value which is implicitly repeated without being printed (what we
used to use ditto marks for :-) RED/BLUE/GREEN I would have called
"row header" or "row labels" by analogy with "column headers" but that
may just be my computing side showing thru. I don't think it's very
important so long as we all know what we mean.

What you say above about them is absolutely true and usually neglected
by table designers. Let's not make the same mistake in HTML3.