Re: Web posting policy

"Kevin 'Kev' Hughes" <kevinh@eit.COM>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1993 23:54:13 -0800
From: "Kevin 'Kev' Hughes" <kevinh@eit.COM>
Message-id: <>
To: eit-www@eit.COM
Subject: Re:  Web posting policy
ams writes:

> Your message today suggested that we have a meeting to discuss, among
> other things:
> ...
> I'm sure there's no reason to make the policy for "publication" via
> the web any less (or more) stringent than paper publication.

	That's fine; but could there be any fundamental differences
in the way information is put on the Web (or the Internet, for that matter)
to warrant any further policy making? That is, not for network "publishing"
in the traditional sense, but for general updating/addition of timely
information, such as corporate calendars, employee databases, fact sheets,
and other such information. Things that are normally circulated and
printed but don't require official approval.
	Should a system be set up where Martha can send regular information
to the Web site? Perhaps Brian and I could work over these questions to
find some solution that will work well with the way EIT has traditionally
distributed its corporate information.

	-- Kev