KSI Software: NPKSIMapper


KSI Software: NPKSIMapper

NPKSIMapper is a Netscape Plugin version of KSIMapper, which is a demo program for the CMap Library. This page will eventually contain a better description of NPKSIMapper.

You can download Windows95 version now, and I will post the source code and make files for Borland C++ 5.01 shortly.

To install the Windows95 version, you need only copy the two files, npmapper.dll and JavaMapper.class to your Netscape plugins directory, typically,

     C:\Program Files\Netscape\Navagator\Program\plugins
To use .cm files from the server, you will have to add the MIME-type application/x-KSIMapper to your server, and associate it with the extension ".cm". If you are only reading local files, you need not do this.

In order to use NPKSIMapper's full power (a prototype real-time groupware interface) you will need to install a CGI program and another demon program on the server. I will post this software here later. If you want to use KSI's server (which has the software), mail me, and I'll let you know how to use it.


You can download the stand-alone version, NPKSIMapper, too.