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Common features (used by all of the software below)

CMap C++ Class Library

CMap is a C++ class library which is used by the KSIMapper program for most of its functionality. KSIMapper is not much more than a simple demo program for CMap.

CMap includes classes for constructing flexible concept maps: Nodes and arcs. Nodes may be any of several shapes (easy to extend), any fill color, border color, text color. Arcs are of arity 1 or more, labeled or unlabeled, directed or undirected, any line or text color, etc, etc.

The documentation is somewhat out-of-date, but I promise to update it in the near future.

JCMap Java Class Library

JMap is a Java class library for concept map programs. It is modeled after CMap.


The KSIMapper program is a concept map editing program that runs on Windows95. It is basically just a demo program for CMap. You can download both the program (W95) and the source code.

There is also a netscape plug-in version of KSIMapper. You can download it from here too.

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JKSIMapper is the Java counterpart to KSIMapper. It runs as a stand-alone java application, but there is also a java applet (runs inside an HTML document) version. These should also be available when we get it updated to the new storage format.

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Constraint Graphs

Constraint graphs is a concept mapping program similar to CMap, except that it is capable of constraining the user interface to allow only syntactically legal constructs according to any number of visual "formalisms".

You will eventually be able to download a Windows95 version and a Netscape Plugin version for Windows95 from this site.

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