Clearinghouse Info...

Hemant Desai (
Wed, 13 Apr 1994 01:08:24 -0500 (CDT)

Greetings to all pcp enthusiasts!

I am trying to locate the Personal Construct Psychology Clearinghouse
started by Professors Landfield and Epting years ago. Dr. Alvin Landfield,
who lives here in Lincoln, Nebraska, asked me to get in touch with
Larry Leitner with reference to the Clearinghouse project. I sent a letter to
Dr. Leitner c/o Miami University in Ohio a while ago, but didn't get a reply.

Does anyone know if the PCP Research Clearinghouse is still active?
It would be a great help for newcomers like me to get a bibliography of
previous work done in areas within pcp. This would prevent neophytes from
reinventing the wheel [so to speak].

Further questions arise: If there is such a list of references, has it
been updated recently? Is it available in electronic form? If not, could
it be scanned or typed and offered as a resource for pcp mailbase subscribers?

I am willing to volunteer time and effort toward such a noble cause,
my email address:

If Larry Leitner is on this mailbase or someone can see that he gets this
message, could you please forward these thoughts?

Thanks a lot.

Hemant Desai