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Jack Adams-Webber (
Wed, 13 Apr 94 07:53:52 -0400

> Greetings to all pcp enthusiasts!
> I am trying to locate the Personal Construct Psychology Clearinghouse
>started by Professors Landfield and Epting years ago. Dr. Alvin Landfield,
>who lives here in Lincoln, Nebraska, asked me to get in touch with
>Larry Leitner with reference to the Clearinghouse project. I sent a letter to
>Dr. Leitner c/o Miami University in Ohio a while ago, but didn't get a reply.
> Does anyone know if the PCP Research Clearinghouse is still active?
>It would be a great help for newcomers like me to get a bibliography of
>previous work done in areas within pcp. This would prevent neophytes from
>reinventing the wheel [so to speak].
> Further questions arise: If there is such a list of references, has it
>been updated recently? Is it available in electronic form? If not, could
>it be scanned or typed and offered as a resource for pcp mailbase subscribers?
> I am willing to volunteer time and effort toward such a noble cause,
>my email address:
> If Larry Leitner is on this mailbase or someone can see that he gets this
>message, could you please forward these thoughts?
>Thanks a lot.
>Hemant Desai

You might try Prof. Franz Epting, Department of Psychology, University of
Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611, USA
Jack Adams-Webber Tel: 905 (688) 5544 [x 3714]
Department of Psychology Fax: 905 (688) 6922
Brock University E-mail:
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