pcp references

Beverly Walker (Beverly_Walker@ms-gw.uow.edu.au)
14 Apr 1994 09:41:04 +1100

Dear Hemant Desai and all,

Gabriele Chiari, Laura Nuzzo and Vincenzo Alfano have a publication called
References in Personal Construct Psychology and Psychotherapy. It includes
some 1700 published and 140 unpublished works in pcp up to 1989.
The cost is 20000 lire, $Aus20, $US15 or #163#UK10. Cheques should only be sent
in lire.
This list includes the clearinghouse references. Gabriele is also in the
process of updating it and would appreciate people letting him know of things
he has missed. It is on hypercard, but Gabriele is not networked. His address
is Centro di Psicologia e Psicoterapia Costruttivista, Via Germanico 197, 00192
Roma, Italy. Fax no. 0039 55 290712

Hemant, you might also get hold of David Winter's wonderful book Personal
Construct Psychology in Clinical Practice which refers to some 1800 references
(my guess), not just in the clinical area.

The story with the clearinghouse lists is (I think) that they were to be
included in the International Journal of PCP, but now that this has become the
Journal of Constructivist Psychology I'm not sure what is happening.

Beverly Walker