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David Nightingale (
19 Apr 1994 12:39:55 +0000

I thought this might be of interest to list members:

From: Cristyn Emmett <>
Subject: Mailbase enhancement
To: (owners-unique)
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 1994 12:25:00 +0100 (BST)


Multiple "first names" are now permitted by Mailbase. Formerly Mary
J. Jones was required to register as plain Mary Jones but now she
can use her full name along with any titles she may wish.

Any number of first names are now permitted (up to a maximum of 40
characters). Multiple first names are not compulsory, but at least
one first name and a last name must be given. The last name, as
before, is restricted to a maximum of 20 characters.

Details =======

To join a Mailbase list for the first time:

For self-subscription: join open-list Mary J. Jones

For addition by an owner: owner password xxxxxx add member
closed-list Mary J. Jones

To update a name already registered with Mailbase:

If anyone wants their registered name to be changed, for example
from Mary Jones to Professor Mary J. Jones, they should use the
'join' command (for a list which is open for self-subscription)
giving the name by which they wish to be registered. The list could
be one of which they are already a member. For example, Mary Jones
is a member of the pcp list (open for self-subscription) and wants
to appear on the list of members as Professor Mary J. Jones. She
sends the command: join pcp Professor Mary J. Jones to and her name will be updated in the

If Mary Jones is a member of lists which are all closed for
self-subscription, then she must ask a list-owner to add her. Here
the commands would be: owner password xxxxxx add member listname Professor Mary J. Jones

Ordering and capitalisation of names:

On the gopher service, and in response to the REVIEW command,
members' names will continue to be sorted on their lastname.
Lastname is defined as the last part of the JOIN or ADD MEMBER
command and is a *single* word.

For example, Mailbase considers Hay to be the last name of Freda De
La Hay and her name would appear amongst the H's. If she wanted to
appear amongst the D's then her name would have to be registered as
Freda De-La-Hay or Freda De_la_hay (or any combination of hyphen and

Mailbase will capitalise the following elements of a name: (a) the
first character (b) the character immediately following a space or
hyphen (c) the character immediately preceding a period '.' This may
lead to curious patterns in a small number of names (see the
De-La-Hay example above) but will deal satisfactorily with the
majority of names, for example: Michael J. Fox Dr. Silvia
Plath-James Professor Zhen Hua Chen Mohammed El-Hussein
Julia Van Doran Ronald Reagan Jnr

If a lower-case Van is required then it must be registered as _van

Please contact if you require any
further information.

Regards, Cristy

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