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Fri, 22 Apr 1994 16:53:53 -0700


I am Penny Simpson, at Simon Fraser University, in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I have just signed up on a number of Newcastle's wonderful array of
discussion nets, now that I am at a (summer) plateau in my studies. I have
just completed my honours BA in psychology with a thesis on the constructs
of place, space and time in identity formation. Essentially, I was
inquiring whether and how the individual uses the constructs of of "place",
"space" and "time" in the construction of their own individual identity.

My own perspective is self psychology (Kohut and beyond) and psychosocial
(Erikson), which can both be contained within the broad perspective of
personal construct psychology. I am quite looking forward to cogwheeling my
ideas those of others on this list.

Penny Simpson