Re: PCP course exercise

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Mon, 06 Feb 1995 23:16:27 -0500 (EST)

Hi all PCP network participants:

My machine has been acting up, so that I have not been able to put my
nose into this for a few days -- I now have about 55 messages -- so I find it
pleasing to be able to answer two messages at once.

Rue, thanks for taking us through a bit of history. Yes, Kantor was a
strong forerunner to all of this kind of discussion. Two of my closer
associates -- Seymour Rosenberg and Theodore Sarbin -- will tell of the
influence which Kantor has had on their perspectives.

Michael Mascolo -- Yes, the person observing his/her self has
privileged access to INFORMATION -- My effort has been to point out that such
"information" must pass through the construct system before it is reported,
etc. Thus, the person does not have privleged access to a "correct"
construction. His report, after all, stands as "the map," and not the

I do think that this position must inform the discussion of

Jim Mancuso