Re: PCP course exercise

A. J. Zolten (
7 Feb 95 11:25:54 CST6CDT

After much consideration of the being question, I am left with the
nagging internal question "Can one be without construing their being?"
It seems to me that construing one's self requires a reflexivity that
involves some detachment from self. There are times that I do not
wish to construe, prefering to be, in an existential/humanistic
sense. Indeed, there are times that I become subject to the context
and "go with the flow" of experience, rather than predicate that
experience. Is this not what peak experience is all about?

I recall discussing something like this with Joe Rychlak in 1988, in
Lincoln. I suggested that while predication was an essential feature
of construing, and appears to me to be necessary for the reflexive
construing process, mediation was also an important process allows
for experience without self-imposed framing of meaning. In fact, I
suggested that Predication------Mediation represented a very real
core construct that meaningfully framed the construing process. One
does not purely redefine experience through predication each time an
experrience occurs, nor does one simply process experience through
the "computer of mind"

Does this make any sense?

A.J. Zolten
University of Central Arkansas